What we do

Starling helps organizations become platforms for collective power and social good.

Our awesome features


As you seek to create or scale a social responsibility program, run an advocacy campaign to change a policy or build a self-sustaining community among your stakeholders, Starling provides short and long-term strategy and rapid insights based on understanding objectives, audiences, best practices and past experience.

Workshop Design and Facilitation

Ecosystem Discovery and Analysis

Audience-tailored Messaging & Storytelling

Crowdsourcing and Community Input

Digital, Social, Email and Paid Strategy

Alumni Engagement

Advocacy Agenda Building

Clear Documentation and Presentation

Design & Build

Building something bigger than the sum of its parts may sound great but it's not easy. Starling believes in the idea of emergence, that no plan survives first contact because we improve our design as the communities present new ideas and opportunities.

RFP Creation and Process Management

Project Management and Internal Communications

"No-code" App and Website Development

Information, Technology and Data Architecture

Our awesome features


Whether we serve as a chief-of-staff to wrangle existing resources and partners, or roll up our sleeves to write the emails and run the events (including awesome virtual experiences), Starling gets the message out, the participants involved and the job done.

Email, Social and Website Content Management

Community Maintenance and Management

Rapid-response Communications

Event Design and Management

Partner Outreach Planning and Execution