Our Approach

As trust in long-standing institutions has declined over the past decade, and power has become more decentralized with the rise of technology, Starling Strategy was founded to help established organizations use their power for good.

We believe organizations can derive immense value from building connectedness with and among their communities. This requires new ways of working and engaging.

Starling Strategy is a strategic advisory firm that works with large organizations to create positive change and build collective power. We design, build, and sustain public engagement programs that leverage technology for collaboration and connection, while designing workflows, content, and culture in line with the social trends changing our ways of life.

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How we work

Build relationships

We believe trust is more powerful than dollars. The way we work and the work itself is focused on moving from transactional to trusting relationships. It’s time intensive, but worth it.

Listen and learn

We actively seek opportunities to learn from and co-create with your community members, be they volunteers, donors, customers, grantees, employees, suppliers, or partners.

Just do it

We work to quickly turn insights into action, both so we can deliver impact and we can quickly learn to improve. We have no allegiance to a particular platform and opt for no-code solutions.

Collaborate and iterate

We ask that our clients participate directly with us. We work best as one team, trying, learning, and improving in a continuous process.

We've worked with a wide range of tools and platforms, and these are some we love right now: